Flea Market Finds

Hi Friends! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. I am so excited to share my flea market finds & tips with you!

I love vintage and one of the best places to collect vintage pieces to add to your home is at a flea market. On our recent trip to Europe I visited a Flea Market in Copenhagen. Yes, a flea market in another country! 


Copenhagen, Denmark is known for its  Saturday and Sunday Flea Markets where locals set up tables in parking lots around the city. We attended the Frederiksberg Flea Market in the parking lot behind the Frederiksberg City Hall building.

Beautiful Saturday morning in Copenhagen.

A few flea market tips:

-Bring cash. If you are in another country make sure to bring the correct currency.

-Negotiate. At some flea markets you may be able to get the seller to lower their asking price. This is much easier to do if you speak the language.

-Buy pieces YOU love! I chose a serving dish made in Czechoslovakia because it had gold on the rim and will coordinate with our china pattern. I also am trying to bring shades of blue into our dining room décor and loved the blue flowers on this piece.

image1 (8)

image3 (3)

Here are a few other flea market finds displayed in our home:

Seven-up soda bottle wooden tray and mason jars from Canton, TX.
Antique plinth blocks from First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX.

-Be creative with your finds when you get home. Just because I purchased a serving dish with a lid does not mean I have to use it only for serving food.

Here is another way this dish might be displayed in a home:

image2 (6)
A serving dish such as this can be used as a display for decorative moss balls or would be a beautiful piece in which you could build a flower arrangement.

Photo (2)

As you travel this summer, and throughout the year, check the web to see if the town you’re visiting or the town you live in has flea markets. A unique and unforgettable experience! Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM

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