China Cabinet Pretties

Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story. -Homeowner, Erin Flett, Country Living

After I finished painting our china cabinet it was finally time for one of the things I love most, decorating!

image2 (8)

image4 (4)

I began this process by clearing off our dining room table and collecting pretty, little things from all over our house and laying them all out where I could see them. Then, I began by placing bigger items in first.

When I say bigger items think: china platters, plates, cake stands.

I placed our crystal on the second shelf because, guess what?! Not only was this china cabinet a great, inexpensive find, but it is a lighted cabinet! Love this bonus feature, especially in the evening. Placement on shelf two helps the china and crystal create a beautiful glow.

image2 (9)

My goal is for our china cabinet to be beautiful, yet causal. When decorating inside a china cabinet, fill it with things you love! It is okay to not be super formal. I used moss balls, mason jars, silver pieces and my too-cute little owl salt & pepper shakers to accessorize in a unique way. These filler pieces can be changed seasonally throughout the year.

image1 (15)
Decor Tip: Small accessories can be changed out seasonally. For example, at Christmas I may replace the the silver pieces with small bottle brush trees or ornaments.

image2 (10)

image3 (4)
Flea market find from Copenhagen on third shelf.

And don’t forget about the knobs! This metal ornament was purchased from Southern Charm Cottage in Flower Mound, TX and is the perfect way to give the outside of the cabinet some character too.

image1 (13)

Hope this has left you feeling inspired to decorate with things you love in your space! Thanks for reading, friends & have a great weekend!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM

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