Pumpkin Spice and A Few Things Nice (Around the House)

Good morning sweet friends!

Recently, I shared my Halloween mantel and wrote about how much we love fall at our house. And although the mantel may be the focal point of our living space, I like decorating a little bit in each room for the season too. So here’s a peek at the sweet, little fall items sprinkled throughout our home to add to the warm, fall feel.

Inside our china cabinet/dining room:

Little felt acorns with real acorn tops made, with love, by my Mom.

In our family room/living room:

On the end of our entry table. The lanterns were originally used on the steps of our wedding reception venue.
Decor Tip: I turn around the little, white BOO pumpkin in November so only the white side is showing. This is an easy way to re-use this item during November.





IMG_3464 (1)

Many of the fall touches scattered around will work for the holidays in October and November or are simple enough to change before November and Thanksgiving arrive.

If a season or holiday brings you joy, seasonal pieces placed around your living space will remind you of the “joy” you feel at that time of the year, even during a stressful work week. And for the “teacher” wife in me… Well, I am trying to find and feel “summer wife” joy a little bit all year long.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM

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