Holiday Decor & a Little More

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it?

The holiday season is one of my favorite seasons (other than summer, of course). It’s filled with twinkling lights and the smell of pine. It brings back so many sweet holiday memories and is a fun time to create new ones.

I also love decorating and sprinkling Christmas all over our house.

Let’s talk mantels. You all know how I feel about our mantel and this is usually the place I begin decorating. This year, I added some red berries around my candlesticks and a new white bottle-brush tree that I just love. I love silvers and reds at Christmas. (If you hover over the photos you will be able to read Decor Tips and captions.)

My second favorite decor item this year is the wreath. We have wreaths in many different places. Wreaths are a unique way to bring holiday warmth to a space. My sweet in-laws sent us a real pine wreath and I hung it over our “T”. It makes our whole room smell like a real Christmas tree (since yes, we did go fake tree this year).


Here are a few more ways I displayed wreaths this year.

I had so much fun adding our Christmas dishes to our china cabinet along with a few other festive touches. Isn’t it beautiful?! I want to eat in our dining room every night this whole month.

And a few more pictures just because:

Thanks for stopping by to check out our holiday home decor this Christmas. “Summer Wife” is almost on Christmas break and I have a few more posts in store for you soon.

May yours days (& home) be merry & bright!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM


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