2016 … A New Year!

I was emailed this week by WordPress.com with my ‘year in review’ stats of TheSummerWife.com. Wow! It is unbelievable to think back on this little seed of an idea I had and how it came to life in 2015. IMG_3771

I wanted to share a few of my stats with you. Because YOU are the reason I have them… Thank you for reading, commenting and supporting this decorating/writing/DIY passion I have!

-TheSummerWife.com was viewed about 2,300 times.

-I wrote and shared 25 posts between June 2015-today.

-TheSummerWife.com has been viewed by people in other countries like Canada and Brazil.

It may not be much in the ‘Big-Wide World of Blogging’, but it means the world to me that I took a chance and am sharing part of my life and hobbies with others. It has been fun to write and even more fun to watch how our home is ever-evolving! TheSummerWife.com is a way for me to keep a little bit of ‘summer’ in my life all year round.

So, here’s to 2016 and many more projects to come!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM




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