Junk in the Trunk

Let me start from the beginning. Over spring break, DCTF (Dave Campbell’s Texas Football) put on a LIVE show at SXSW in Austin. The show was on a beautiful Sunday night at the Ginger Man and since I was off on Monday I figured why not take advantage of a quick get-away.

I may have also been thinking about one city we would drive through on our way to and from Austin, TX…. Waco. And you know what’s in Waco? The Magnolia Silos, of course!

After just a little convincing, the hubs agreed that ‘my’ part of the trip could be visiting the Magnolia Silos that Monday. And on a Monday surely the lines wouldn’t be as long as on the weekends, right?

Wrong. I think every teacher in the whole state of Texas and their sister decided to visit the silos that Monday. And although I just LOVE the show Fixer Upper, I couldn’t quite bring myself to wait in a 3.5 hour line in the sun. I’ll go back some other time… (mini vaca for ‘The Summer Wife’, I think!)

But, I hadn’t just been thinking about driving through Waco that week. I had also been scouting out the dates for Canton Trade Days. My proposal: We don’t wait in line at the silos, but we visit Canton Trade Days on April 2.


Thus, began our day of junkin’. (And I think Greg had more fun than he thought he would.)

Tips for Canton:

  1. Get there early. We pulled up and parked around 7:45 am. It was so nice to be there when the tenants opened. And sometimes you get a better deal when you chat with those selling.IMG_4098
  2. Have a cart and bring water. I was so lucky to borrow a cart from a friend at work and it made toting all my ‘treasures’ around so much easier.
  3. Antique Alley. If you are into true junk/vintage pieces and love DIY projects, then Antique Alley is for you. Table after table… it might be one of my happy places. I see so much potential in so much ‘junk’.

Here are the pieces I came home with:




Check back soon to see how I plan to change & use these pieces in our home! Happy Weekend!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM

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