Make-Up My Bathroom Chair

All I need is mascara and caffeine. – Anonymous

These words are so true. A little mascara and a little diet coke and I’m one happy girl. Let me let you in on a little secret. I have curly hair, yes, very curly hair. I hardly ever wear it this way because of my little friend the hair straightener. I also enjoy wearing makeup and very rarely leave the house without it.

So when we moved into our house and I saw that the master bathroom had a double vanity and a place for a vanity seat I was sold. No longer would I have to stand on those early school mornings to do my makeup, and I could sit to dry my hair. Game changer!

It only took me two and a half years to finally make that happen.

I think I was always stuck on the idea of a vanity bench or stool, but just couldn’t find one that I loved or that I wanted to spend the money on. I just knew I could find a piece to work some DIY magic on.

This Spring when we went to Canton Trade Days I hunted for my vanity bench, what I found, as we were getting ready to leave, was this old chair. The seat was not attached to the base and the cushion was flat. The chair had been painted brown and the paint was starting to chip off. The best part; it was $15 dollars! Yes, you heard it right, not $50… Fifteen! Sold!

I used the gray paint that I had used in my bathroom vanity makeover and found gray and white striped fabric and batting at Hobby Lobby. Using my $2 Swingline staple gun that I found at a garage sale in Flower Mound, I got busy turning my $15 dollar chair into the perfect vanity seat.

Here’s how the vanity seat turned out:


And a few more:

I love my new $15 vanity chair, almost as much as mascara & caffeine. Happy Thursday friends! Thanks for stopping by!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM

2 thoughts on “Make-Up My Bathroom Chair

  1. A vanity spot was a MUST have for me when we were house hunting. Literally, the first piece of furniture I brought in to the house was my vanity stool for that spot! I just love the way your chair turned out, the stripes are to die for!


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