Summer at Last

You guys, we made it! The 1st official day of summer is here at last!

To celebrate I thought I’d use the extra daylight to share my beach-y, summer decor. One of the things you may notice about our summer home decor is that many pieces were used on my summer mantel last summer.

I love re-using my favorite summertime decor pieces in a fresh way. Decorating is not always about having new things, but filling your house with things you love and finding a way to re-purpose them in your home each new season.

Here are my summer mantels from the past two summers:

Now take a close look at this summer’s mantel and notice how I re-used my Seven-Up box, mason jars and shells, but added a framed map and candle sticks.


I always want my mantel in the summer to feel like I went to the beach and, just like collecting seashells, collected items to group together.

Seashell balls or baseballs in a silver bowl on the coffee table take the summer-y feeling into the room. I found these shells at Home Goods!


And for the hubs, who is the biggest Texas Rangers fan I know, it’s just not summer without a little baseball.


Happy 1st day of Summer! Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM

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