New Look – A Bookcase Makeover

Hey there! We’re almost to the 1st official weekend of summer and boy, it feels like summer in Texas. We’ve been in the mid-90s all week. I got some much needed relief from the heat at the pool yesterday and started a new book:

I’m enjoying it so far; think Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants meets vintage tea sets. I’ll keep you posted! But today, I wanted to share with you a bookcase makeover I completed back in January when the weather was chilly. The idea for adding paint to the wall behind our built-in bookcase came from an idea I saw in the book Young House Love. In this book they talk about wrapping pieces of cardboard or wood with a cute fabric or wrapping paper and simply slipping those pieces in between the shelves of your book case.

So I decided to use the gray paint from our upstairs bathroom vanity makeover to paint the cream-y wall behind our bookcase.


I pulled the shelves out first and taped off the edges of the bookcase. I used a paint roller when applying the paint and it only took 2 coats.

After 1st coat of paint.

After letting the paint dry I popped the shelves back in and ta-da! A whole new look. I love that the bookcase wall now coordinates with the bathroom across the hall (bonus!)

The book case decor is still a work in progress. We mainly use this bookcase right now for overflow books (a teacher & a journalist accumulate quite a few) and I added a few family photos and a lantern just so it doesn’t look so plain for guests we might have staying upstairs when visiting us.

Hope you’re feeling a little inspired, or at least reading this indoors to get a little relief from the summer heat. Happy Thursday!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM


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