A Birthday DIY Surprise

Hey friends! Hope you’re having an awesome week. We had a crazy, fun weekend! The hubs’ turned 30 on Sunday and I couldn’t wait to share some of his bday surprises and how I used DIY and home decor to make the weekend extra fun.

IMG_4397 (1)
Victor E. Green (the Dallas Stars) mascot even made an appearance!

I love a personal DIY touch when gifting. If a gift has a monogram, or was crafted with a specific person in mind I think it makes a gift extra special.

This year I had BIG plans for the hubs’ 30th birthday and his gift. He had been wanting a set of custom corn hole boards. After all, we do live in Texas and with football and baseball being such a huge part of our life, cornhole boards seemed like the perfect tailgate/summer backyard game.

I asked our friend, Jason, to build a cornhole set that I could DIY for Greg. Jason is also the friend that helped Greg build our dining room floating shelves (post coming soon!) He has quite the skills when it comes to woodworking. He’s made furniture, outdoor benches, doghouses, frames, shelves… basically if its built out of wood, Jason can build it.

I could hardly contain my excitement when I picked up the cornhole boards from the Kreuzman’s. They were perfect!


I ordered a Mizzou and Rangers decal through Amazon.com; two of Greg’s favorite sports teams. Once the decals were applied (a very easy process — just youtube it!) I taped off and painted a 2.5 inch colored border around each board.


Then I applied clear semi-gloss polycrlic wax to the boards to protect the surfaces from the crazy Texas weather!

DIY Tip: If you accidentally end up with polycrylic on your hands like I did, rub your hands with olive oil for about 1-2 minutes. Then rinse off your hands. Then follow up by washing with soap and water. Repeat until hands no longer feel sticky OR wear gloves (which I will do from now on).

Wow! What a difference the polycrylic made. I love the sheen! The cornhole hole boards were a BIG hit. The hubs loves them and we had so much fun using them at his party.

Thanks for stopping by!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM

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