Fallin’ into Fall

Yes, it has been about a month since I’ve blogged, but back to school is super busy for teachers. Add a few fun weekend trips & visits with family into the “back to school” mix and this teacher has been using any ‘free’ time for rest and relaxation.

But as summer slowly turns into fall in Texas, and yes, I mean slowly, as it is still in the 90s most days, I’m finding that I’m starting to settle into fall and back into a school year routine. Here is a glimpse inside my 5th grade classroom this fall:


So, what else have I been up to recently? Well, the weekend after school started I flew to St. Louis to celebrate my bestie at her baby shower. She is due oh-so-soon and ‘aunt’ Jen cannot wait to meet her little bundle of joy!

Then, four days later, my parents visited Dallas for Labor Day. My mom, dad and I made a weekend visit to Canton Trade Days on Saturday. Dad was a trooper as my mom and I looked at all the junk all day long.


I’ve been wanting to share some of my Canton finds with you! My mom and I had so much fun looking through bins upon bins of vintage dishtowels. Here are some of the cutest towels that made it home with us.


Also, I found this piece for our kitchen wall for $12! Yes, $12 dollars! I am so excited to share with you in my upcoming post how I dressed it up in our kitchen.


As September flies by I feel like each day I’m getting my teacher feet under me again. I miss the lazy days of summer, but having a regular work schedule certainly makes the weekends that much sweeter! More fall fun posts are coming your way soon.

Have the sweetest Saturday! (Go Tigers! M-I-Z!)

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.36.25 PM


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