Sunny Days Ahead

The Summer Wife

“Summer is a state of mind.” – Thisdelightfuldesign

Hey there, friends! Happy, happy summertime! The ‘Summer Wife’ is back from the depths of grading papers, early wake-ups and packed lunches. We made it! Another year in the books (hard to believe I finished year 9 in the classroom) and another summer filled with longer daylight hours to enjoy is upon us. Even if you’re not ‘off’ all summer, I truly agree with the quote above that ‘summer is (truly) a state of mind’. We all long for warmer days, patriotic holidays and time at the pool, don’t we? And when this sunny season is upon us I just feel happier! (I’m sure the lack of grading stacks of papers helps with that feeling…)

I’m so excited to continue my blogging journey for the 3rd summer and to share home decor ideas and DIY projects with you! I also will share summer outfit ideas, books I’m reading, and delicious recipes Greg & I have tried out this spring that are just too tasty not to post. Mmm!

This summer, Greg & I are taking a couple of trips too! We are headed to Washington D.C. at the end of June. I went when I was 16, but Greg has never been. We’re excited to visit national monuments and many museums. Our trip to D.C. ends with our friend’s Ross & Kelly’s wedding in Maryland. If you have any suggestions or must-sees in D.C. please let us know!

Then in late July we’re headed to South Padre Island. Texas is a BIG state and there are still plenty of areas to explore. We’re headed to South Padre with some sweet friends and are excited for some much needed beach time!

Other than these quick little get-a-ways, I’m looking forward to the wonderful gift summer brings: time. Time to read, time to catch up on Netflix, time to workout, time to nap, time to pretty up the yard, time to spend with friends & family.

You can follow along with me on instagram this summer too: jenltepper (Also, linked to the side of this post.)

So, cheers! Here’s to Summer 2017 — may the sunniest days be ahead of us!

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