Plant Lady

“Bloom where you’re planted.” -Mary Engelbreit

So have you heard that being a ‘Plant Lady’ is a new trend? I’m hoping that a ‘Plant Lady’ isn’t like being a ‘Cat Lady’?! Thanks to the Joanna Gaines’ Plant Lady shirts, this trend seems to be catching on quickly…

Either way, I’m not sure I would quite fit the definition of a true Plant Lady, but I am learning to enjoy being out in our yard. Planting grasses and flowers and then watching them grow I find so rewarding. It’s a moment when you can say, “Hey, I made that happen!”

My love of being outside and wanting a beautiful yard comes from my mom. You should see her garden (beautiful!) and after watching her for years give her yard and garden TLC, I’ve picked up on a few things at least. I truly feel that a yard, especially a backyard can be an extension of your home. Gardening is like decorating, but outside. It’s still a creative process full of trial and error.

My mom’s beautiful garden. #gardengoals

While our yard, and getting grass to grow in Texas is a definite work in progress, I have started to learn about filling my planters and pots with blooms that love the Texas heat all summer long.

Greg laughs at me when I tell him that each pot/planter needs a thriller, a filler and a spiller. I love this analogy and it makes so much sense!

In the pictures below you can see I usually start with a thriller in the middle of my pot, a spiller near the front edge, so as it grows it will hang over the edge and a variety of heat resistant flowers fill(er) the rest in. I potted these in late May and they have grown a lot in the past month — thanks to some unexpected June Texas rain. There is nothing prettier than a planter that looks as if it is overflowing with flowers! (…and yes, I had some extra time Sunday, so I put my 4th of July flags out a little early.)

The longer we have been in our home and the more our yard ‘grows’ the more we are using this space to not only entertain, but relax at the end of a long day, or on a quiet Saturday morning.

Oh, and isn’t this little cactus the cutest?! My teammate, Shayla, gave them to us at end of the school year gifts & I re-potted it in a little pot I chalk painted. I love its purple flowers!


Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by thesummerwife!

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