Making an Entrance: Our Entry Makeover

Oh sweet friends! Happy Thursday! You’re probably wondering where I’ve been and to be honest, I have so many posts that are half written about some of the traveling we’ve been up to this summer — trip the Magnolia Silos, Washington D.C. — and I’ve recently visited St. Louis to spend time with family (Hi Mom!). Hopefully, I’ll get those posts finished up in the next few weeks before this #summerwife turns back into #teacherwife.

In the meantime though, I wanted to share our entryway makeover with you. When I moved to Texas I brought with me an entryway table that used to belong to my parents. It was a basic black table and was the perfect size for the apartments I lived in at the time. When we moved in our house the table moved with us and found its new home in our entry. The black table was dressed with a lamp (one of my favorite lamps in our house) and a black mirror.

Yet overtime, as we’ve spent time making the rest of our house a home, the entry seemed a little neglected. It was such a big space, with a little mirror on the wall, so we decided to fill it with some of our favorite prints from our trip to Europe.

But, do you every try something in a space, get it all finished and then step back and think… “this is not what I had in mind.” That’s how this space was for me. I knew I loved our frames and our pictures, but the mirror and table and layout was just NOT working in this space.

Bring on the paint! After my quick visit to St. Louie, my mom and I brainstormed some ideas for this space. And while Greg was at Texas High School Football Coaches’ Convention this past week I got busy painting. I warned him that things might look different when he returned. I think he’s used to that at this point… 🙂

I painted the table with gray paint (surprise, surprise!) I’ve used in several other places in our house. It’s one of my favorite shades of gray. I also painted the mirror gray… and the mirror is getting a new home by the front door.


I now LOVE our entry! I keep asking myself “Why didn’t I paint this table years ago?” The space is so fresh and the pictures truly become the focal point. I love seeing images from our travels on our wall every day.

So, yet again, I hope this inspires you to make simple (affordable) changes in your home. And good ol’ paint it one of the easiest ways to spruce up a space that needs a fresh look. I have learned over the past few years decorating in our house that mistakes when decorating will happen — and its okay! Decorating is a creative process that keeps my mind as fresh as the spaces I want to fix up.

I have a few other easy, little projects I’ve been working on that I cannot wait to share with you! And I promise I’ll get those trip posts written too… (I’ve just been too busy enjoying summer, and isn’t that what summer’s all about?!)

Have an awesome weekend!

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