DIY Reclaimed Wood Project -A Guest Post BY Jason Kreuzman

Today’s DIY post comes from Jason Kreuzman, our friend who loves woodworking and helped us with our cornhole boards and floating shelves. Enjoy!

-Jen, The Summer Wife

Hi, my name is Jason. I have been building with wood for really only a year now. I love the process of creating something from nothing and really love the journey to the final product.

My wife, Carly, wanted something to put our shoes and other little things in at the back door because our dog decided that she likes to chew on a shoe or two when we leave. After much research I found the perfect cabinet on Etsy, only catch was it cost $900 (yeah, that’s not going to happen). I saw this as a great excuse to go down to this really cool shop called Orr Reed which has tons of reclaimed wood from buildings all around Dallas.

This was my first project using my nail gun (I get really jazzed when I bust out a new tool). This was also the first time that I had built with 100-year-old shiplap (cabinet top) and at least 50-year-old floor boards (body of cabinet and shelves) from a local demolition.

Below is how I went from old wood to something new and beautiful:

Once I had the basic shape and shelves inside, I completed the doors with the same process as above. Then I primed and painted the cabinet to get the final product.

I loved the way it turned out and the price was definitely right ending at just over $100. We use this bad boy every day and our shoes have not been victim to our dog since. Great success… Happy wife, happy life. Happy Me, Yippee!!!

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