Backyard Games Galore: Giant Jenga – A Guest Post BY Jason Kreuzman

Today’s post is written and shared by Jason Kreuzman. Enjoy reading all about the giant jenga set he built! Greg and I love going over to the Kreuzman’s house in the summer. Yard games galore! Connect with Jason on instagram @jasonkreuzman.

-Jen, The Summer Wife

My wife, Carly, and I love a good yard game! Over the past few months I have been making everything from corn hole boards to washer sets, but I really wanted to make a Giant Jenga set for my home. My neighbor was tearing down his 60-year-old shed and said I could have the 2 x 4 pieces of wood he was going to throw out. So of course I cut them all into small pieces, sanded/stained them different colors and then thought, “Hmmm, I need something to put these on an store them in.”

I built a box around the stacked 2 x 4’s and made one side of the box a removable tongue and grove section.


I also made the top removable so you can stow away the blocks when not using and also stack them on top when you want to play. This set has been a big hit!!! -Jason

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