Step Stool for Little Feet – A Guest Post BY Jason Kreuzman

Today’s post is shared by our friend Jason Kreuzman. AIbEiAIAAABDCLKT-tXzpv-HViILdmNhcmRfcGhvdG8qKDBkZjUwODM3MDFiYzU5YWMzZWNiMmUxYWQ3ZTUzZGM1MWRjOWQ0NTUwAaofmahaDCOSDfvqwbR5KsECjmCF Interested in knowing more about Jason’s projects I’ve featured on the blog this summer? Follow him on instagram @jasonkreuzman. Thanks for swinging by the blog today, sweet friends!  -Jen, The Summer Wife

So I was planning to visit my best friend in Lexington, KY. Talking to him on the phone I learned he needed a step stool because his little guy was potty training, being a short person I could empathize and decided I would make him a step stool to assist. Only catch was my flight was the next day. I had a little bit of Red Oak lying around and threw this together.


Once I figured out the size they wanted, I cut the pieces to size, then glued and screwed them together with the help of some wood clamps until I had all 4 sides attached.


I finished by cutting slats across the top and kept the spaces between for a cool affect. Once finished, I put a natural clear stain on it and prayed it would be dry by the morning.


Turned out to be just right for the little guy. This step stool was my carry-on for the flight, so I got to test it out first while sitting on the plane. (My knees were hitting the seat in front of me as a result. So that’s what it feels like to be tall?!?!). Super easy project and definitely going to last them many, many years! -Jason

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